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WRAL posted an article using Patrick Barry’s blog content

Patrick Barry wrote a blog about how the pandemic is impacting today’s CISOs. To read WRAL’s article, click here: How to Combat Hackers in Time of Pandemic? Here’s what Companies Need to do To Ch...


Jack Henry posted a blog co-written by Keith Haskett and Karen Crumbley

To read Jack Henrys & Associate’s article, click here: Top Spear Phishing Attacks & How to Reduce the Risk of Your Employees Taking the Bait

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WBTV interviewed Keith Haskett on hacking of medical information for insurance fraud

To watch WBTV’s video, click here: Atrium Health Patient Information Breach

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WBTV interviewed Keith Haskett on Spear Phishing

To watch WBTV’s video, click here: Security Lessons to be Learned from Russian Computer hacking

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The Charlotte Observer mentioned Keith Haskett’s suggestions on ransom

To read The Charlotte Observer’s article, click here: This is Why Charlotte Businesses Keep Attracting Hackers