External Vulnerability Assessments


External Vulnerability Assessment

Low hanging Internet-facing vulnerabilities are likely to be discovered at some point. Make sure your company isn’t an easy target and identify your vulnerabilities today.


Problems Rebyc Security Solves

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    Service Enumeration

    Consultants will attempt to enumerate and identify all available externally facing services within scope.

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    Vulnerability Scanning

    Custom configured vulnerability scans will be conducted in accordance with enumeration results.

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    Highly skilled Rebyc Security consultants will attempt to validate critical vulnerabilities to reduce false positives.


What you should expect from Rebyc

  • Clear, Concise Reporting

    We review all details and summarize our key findings so your staff makes the best use of its time.

  • Report Findings

    We will provide a high-level executive summary of the most critical vulnerabilities and the raw output from the vulnerability scanning application.

  • Impact

    We will detail the impact of what could happen if our findings are not addressed.

  • Remediation Strategy

    We will conduct an exit interview with your team to present our custom mitigation techniques tailored to your organization.

  • Service

    The Rebyc Security Team will be available to our clients before, during and after engagement.

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