Internal Penetration Testing


Internal Penetration Testing

If a hacker, rogue employee, or poorly managed independent contractor had network access, what could they do? Scenarios like these are exactly what our Internal Penetration Testing attempts to mimic.


Problems Rebyc Security Solves

  • router-1807_67aa302b-3a94-46a7-aa3d-66b8928a87d7

    Simulated Attack

    We mimic a real world attack against your organization either remotely via shipping a pre-configured machine to your site or by coming onsite.

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    Passive Network Sniffing

    Our consultants will conduct passive sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks against your organization’s internal network

  • computer-network-1878_39828809-88f9-48e1-9a76-61c99401ec99

    Attempting to capture and crack password hashes

    Hashed passwords will be collected and cracked with our custom rule-sets and dictionaries.

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    Access Privilege Escalation

    Previously used credentials or available exploits will be used in attempts to escalate to administrative privileges.

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    Sensitive Data Exfiltration

    Attempts to identify, access and remove your organization’s most sensitive data by various command and control methods


What you should expect from Rebyc

  • Clear, Concise Reporting

    We review all details and summarize our key findings so your staff makes the best use of its time.

  • Report Findings

    We will provide our findings that include descriptions of attack chains and all supporting evidence.  Our report will also include details of the most damaging attacks performed and compromised sensitive information results.

  • Impact

    We will detail the impact of what could happen if our findings are not addressed.

  • Remediation Strategy

    We will conduct an exit interview with your team to present our recommendations on how to address the findings of our internal penetration testing.

  • Service

    The Rebyc Security Team will be available to our clients before, during and after engagement.

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