About Rebyc

Rebyc Security helps information security officers proactively and offensively identify cyber security threats, gaps, and weaknesses - before bad actors do. Our cyber security penetration testing services reduce corporate revenue and data losses, business disruptions, and damages to corporate and employee reputations.
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Rebyc provides security solutions to keep your business safe

Our team is constantly researching and working on the latest ways to penetrate and exploit our clients. We are hired to do so, under the guise that it is much better to bring in a team of security experts to find exposures than to roll the dice and see if the bad guys find them first……and they will.

Our team is heavily experienced in regulated industries including Banking, Credit Unions, Insurance and Healthcare. Additionally, we have worked in a number of other industries including Retail and Software/SaaS Organizations. Our team will use its knowledge of multiple industries to customize a program that meets your organization’s security requirements. It’s getting increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the cyber security curve, so let our certified security professionals ease the burden for you.

Our consultants hold a variety of industry-recognized certifications from the EC-Council, ISACA, ISC2, and GIAC.

Our Certifications

Cyber Security Experts for a range of industries such as banking, credit unions, healthcare and insurance

Rebyc Security is a privately owned offensive security solutions firm founded in 2015. From offices in Charlotte, NC, Rebyc was launched by two founders with a passion for delivering a range of customized services that reduce vulnerabilities of corporate networks, servers and web applications. These services protect corporate revenues, data, and brand reputations.

Leadership Team

Keith Haskett

Keith is responsible for executing Rebyc Security’s strategic plan.  After several years leading the Risk and Information Security Consulting Services practice at CSI, he co-founded Rebyc to deliver offensive security solutions customized to meet the needs of the highly-regulated, financial services industry.

Keith has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from UNC-Charlotte.

Keith Haskett

President & CEO - Co-Founder
Patrick Barry

Patrick drives Rebyc’s strategic IT initiatives and offensive security service innovation. He’s responsible for customizing client solutions to meet the always changing regulatory environments and requirements. Patrick has a diverse background in network security experience at PWC, CSI and banking institutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in MIS from Youngstown State University.

Patrick Barry

CIO - Co-Founder