Penetration Testing

At Rebyc Security, we offer two different types of Penetration Testing – External and Internal.  With each, there are many different variations we can offer to customize the engagements to meet your specific needs/wants.  For this reason, the first step in our process with clients is to conduct a discovery call to dial in our service accordingly.

We want to ensure we are providing the service, quality and depth that you are looking for. So many vendors try to fit your needs into their testing methodology – That’s not us.  There should always be some customization to meet your specific requirements.

Many times, when we are first talking to prospects, there is confusion around the differences between penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Make no mistake, there is a difference and we wrote a couple of blog posts to help with the definitions and to ease the confusion:

External Penetration Testing vs. External Vulnerability Assessments

Internal Penetration Testing vs. Internal Vulnerability Assessments

For more information and details about each of our services, please click on the links below:

External Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing