Penetration Testing

A Geek Leader Podcast: Ethical Hacking with Patrick Barry

Recently, we sat down with John Rouda, creator of A Geek Leader Podcast, to discuss some background around Rebyc Security and Ethical Hacking. Patrick Barry, CIO and Co-Founder of Rebyc Security, shared experiences and insight from his journey to date.

Some of the topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Patrick’s background and the story of founding Rebyc Security
  • Why he chose Cyber Security and how did he overcome fear to start Rebyc Security?
  • Security today? What should tech industry leaders be focused on?
  • What tech does Rebyc Security use and where do we host?
  • Shadow IT?
  • Security Awareness Training
  • External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • Is there a talent shortage in Cyber Security today?


And that’s just a sampling of what was covered as John and Patrick candidly addressed several other issues and subjects during the interview. John is building a solid podcast with over 90 current discussions on his site with some of the Who’s Who in cyber security and technology.

More info about John Rouda: