Atrium Health Data Breach: What You Need to Know

Atrium Health Data Breach: What You Need to Know

Atrium Health recently announced a breach potentially affecting more than 2.6 million patient records. Per the release, they stated that the breach occurred via a third party partner, AccuDoc, a billing and tech services firm. The breach was said to include insurance policy information, medical record numbers, invoice numbers, account balances and dates of service.  It is also estimated that as many as 700K of those include Social Security Numbers.

VIDEO: Keith Haskett of Rebyc Security discusses the recent Atrium Data breach

WATCH: WBTV Interviews Rebyc Security CEO, Keith Haskett on the Atrium Health Breach 

As details emerge, AccuDoc has stated that the unauthorized access occurred via a third party vendor they were using. This is a pretty common practice when hackers are looking to gain access to highly sensitive and protected data. Basically, find the lowest hanging fruit and try to pivot or escalate privileges to gain access to the information they are seeking.

A spokesperson from Atrium stated that the records were accessed, but not downloaded. During an interview with WBTV, Keith Haskett, CEO of Rebyc Security, was asked to comment if patients should rest easier given this info.  His response, “probably not.” They have stated the authorized third party had access for close to a week, which is plenty of time to screen scrape data or even manually transfer without risk of being tracked.

So what can you do if you are an Atrium patient and concerned about the attack? They have provided a link to see if you are  or call 833-228-5726.

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