Phishing - Social Engineering


Phishing - Social Engineering

You are doing your awareness training and probably using a tool to send out regular phishing campaigns to your staff. Well, that’s not us.  Everything we do is custom and specifically tailored to your organization.


Problems Rebyc Security Solves

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    Standard Phishing Attack

    We create an email template directing users to our domains to attempt to gain credentials. We have several different types of domains to target our client’s industries.

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    Advanced Phishing Attack

    A custom phishing campaign that can include recon, spear phishing, and advanced techniques to bypass filters and increase mail accept rates.

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    Custom Malware Phishing Attack

    We take the Advanced Phishing Attack one step farther. Here, we build in a malware attack, spending time trying to advance our position and exploiting our findings.

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    Combine our custom attacks with a KnowBe4 subscription to build solid employee testing program.

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    Onsite Social Engineering

    Custom scenarios and scripts developed to bypass your defenses.

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    Combine with Physical Security

    Best combined with our Physical Security Assessments


What you should expect from Rebyc

  • Clear, Concise Reporting

    We review all details and summarize our key findings so your staff makes the best use of its time.

  • Report Findings

    We will provide detailed recon about phishing, physical security and onsite social engineering within your organization.

  • Impact

    We will detail the impact of what could happen if our findings are not addressed.

  • Remediation Strategy

    We will conduct an exit interview with your team to present our custom mitigation techniques tailored to your organization.

  • Service

    The Rebyc Security Team will be available to our clients before, during and after engagement.

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