Physical Security


Physical Security

How does your physical security stand up to today’s bad actors?  Our team can test your staff and procedures to see if a bad actor could gain physical access to your offices and your information


Problems Rebyc Security Solves

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    Doors, Windows & Cameras

    Are they located and positioned correctly? Can door badges be cloned? Can motion sensors be bypassed? We do a thorough review of all.

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    Dumpster Diving

    Exactly what it sounds like – we look through dumpsters and trash cans to see if we can find sensitive info about our clients. When combined with our testing services, we’ll use any findings to attempt to advance our efforts.

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    After Hours Walkthrough

    We do a walkthrough with a member of our client staff. We look for any potential risks: unlocked doors, exposed credentials and sensitive company info.


What you can expect from Rebyc

  • Clear, Concise Reporting

    We review all details and summarize our key findings so your staff makes the best use of its time.

  • Report Findings

    We will provide a detailed listing and pictures of exposures and risks found.

  • Impact

    We will detail the impact of what could happen if our findings are not addressed.

  • Remediation Strategy

    We will conduct an exit interview with your team to present our recommendations on how to address the findings of our external penetration testing.

  • Service

    The Rebyc Security Team will be available to our clients before, during and after engagement.

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