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The Changing Dynamics of the CISO Role

The research team at Korn Ferry recently put out an excellent read on the “The Rise of the Chief Information Security Officer.”  It can be found here:

The Rise of the Chief Information Security Officer

Their article seems to back up everything we have been seeing and hearing in our ad hoc discussions with CISO’s and other senior leaders within information security circles. Increasingly, the role of the CISO, or ISO, is getting more of a direct relationship with the Senior Leadership Teams of their organizations.  They have to – there is too much risk, both reputational and financial, to operate otherwise.  Not to mention increasing regulations and more informed examiners.

In today’s world, information security needs to be a significant component of your overall business strategy and not just a part of your risk management program.  The changing dynamic of the CISO role certainly backs up that theory.

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